Questions about licences and software updates

1. How much does the Universal League Manager cost? The software costs £50 for the first year and then £40 per year thereafter.

2. Why charge an annual fee? The software development started around 1996 and has progressed immensely over the last 20 years. The annual fee firstly guarantees that leagues are always using a version of the product that is maintainable and secondly allows further development of the product.

3. Will the cost of the software remain unchanged? The cost of the software increased in August 2010 (it had previously remained unchanged for over 10 years). In July 2015 the cost for the initial year was reduced from £70 to £50. There are currently no plans to change the cost of the software.

4. Is there a money back guarantee if I am not satisfied? No. Once the software is purchased no monies can be refunded. However, the software is available for free for a period of up to 2 months to allow evaluation of the software. This means that if the decision is to purchase the software then there is no need for any refunds.

5. If I renew early do I lose any time on the licence? No. You can renew at any time and the extra year will be added to the end of your current licence.

6. How do I get updates? Periodically updates are emailed out to customers. This is normally when major new functionality has been introduced. You can request an update at any time. It is usually a good idea to do this prior to starting up a new season so you can benefit from the most up to date functionality.

7. How do I install an update to the software? Please click on install guide.

8. What happens when I renew? You will receive the current software in a zip file. The zip file will contain the programme (or executable) and the associated help file. It is not necessary to release the entire associated library routines again as these are already installed on your PC.

9. When I originally installed the software there was a lot of files in the installation package. However, when I receive an update there are only two files in the zip file. Why is this? The programme uses several library routines that must be installed on your PC for it to work properly. These are installed, along with the software, by using the full installation package. When an update is released it is only necessary to release the programme (or executable) and the associated help file.

10. I have recently purchased a new PC. I have copied the old software to my new PC but it will not work. Why is this? You are probably getting the error "You do not have the appropriate licence to run this....",  "You do not have the appropriate licence to use this functionality", or very similar. You need to install the library routines in the same way that you did when you originally purchased the software. This can be done by downloading and installing the system update.

11. I have recently formatted my PC and loaded a backup copy of the software but it will not work. Why is this? See previous answer.

12. When I install an update will I lose the league(s) currently running on my PC? No. Your leagues are not overwritten or deleted. Only the programme is updated.

13. If I uninstall the software will I lose the league(s) currently running on my PC? No. Your leagues are not overwritten or deleted. Only the programme is removed.

14. Can I get a discount if I introduce another league secretary to this program? Yes. If you have introduced another league, and they purchase the software, your licence will be extended by 2 months. However, the league making the purchase must make it clear that you recommended them.

15. What if a new secretary takes over the league? This happens a lot and is normally a healthy natural progression. Normally a league would purchase the software rather than an individual. When a new secretary takes over just let Reseal SW know the new contact details and the new secretary will be sent an installation package appropriate to the licence previously purchased. No licence time is lost.


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