Backing up league databases

The season is nearly over and all your hard work is neally complete. Now your PC gets a virus and you lose everything. No problem, just let RedsealSW know and after you have restored your PC, or bought a new one, the UniversalLeagueManager software can be reloaded. As for the database(s), one for each league, just restore (copy) them back from your backup. No problem. Oh, wait, you did not take backups of all your hard work. Read on.....

There are a few ways you should concider to enable backups to be taken.

1) Back up the database using the in-built backup form. This allows backups to be taken everytime you run the software, or every 10 times. And other frequencies too. This will normally take a copy of the current database and put it in a predefined backup folder. If your really clever you can make the backup folder an external hard drive or even a USB stick.

2) Manually take a copies of your databases every now and then. If you adopt this approach then be disaplined.

3) For those that generate and upload the HTML to a website select the 'Upload database' option (in the Upload Manager). Then every time you upload a copy of the most current database is always made and uploaded, and stored on the web.